Potential. We help you realize it.

We enable the Vehicles in Operation data in the Vehicle Data Portal. What happens next is entirely up to you. You will have the power to create exceptionally detailed automotive reports using the criteria at your disposal. The VIO data will give you the ultimate overview of all registered vehicles in any given country and it will do so on a level of granularity that is unparalleled. Thanks to an intuitive and versatile interface, Vehicle Data Portal is your #1 solution for exploring automotive markets and making strategically sound business decisions that will prove their worth in the short and long run. Whether you're an Automotive Aftermarket supplier, a vehicle manufacturer, a reseller, or active in a completely different branch, the possibilities are numerous.

One planet. More than 1 billion registered vehicles.

The world is a big place. Fortunately, we like to think big too. Many years ago we began with only a handful of countries, and today we can proudly say that we are able to offer fully specified Vehicles in Operation data for 75+ countries. Our VIO database contains more than 1 billion registered vehicles spread across 6 continents and is one of a kind, perhaps the largest of its kind.

Segmentation. Class.

Our VIO database is built in such a way that it takes into account several prominent vehicle classes. The largest of these are the passenger cars which includes terrain cars, or SUV's, but also pickup trucks. Next in line are the light commercial vehicles, either used for the transport of passengers or goods. Our heavy duty trucks and buses complete our segments available in Vehicle Data Portal. The former includes road tractors and the latter includes both city buses and coaches. Both are linked to the TecAlliance N-Type ID. Moreover, our VIO data experts have specific experience and knowledge about each of these segments and ensure the integrity and authenticity of the VIO data.

Detail. Depth. Possibilities.

A vehicle is an intricate machine consisting of numerous interrelated components that form a cohesive whole. These parts and pieces are each linked to a wide array of technical criteria. Make and model, the bedrock of our business model, is where it all starts. But not where it ends for we can provide Vehicles in Operation data linked to over 60 technical specifications. One of the cornerstones is that our VIO data can be linked to some of the most popular external linkages such as TecDoc K and N-Type ID's, MAM MMI linkages and ACES ID's for the American market.

Customization. Freedom of choice.

Detail. Versatility. Two words we mentioned earlier. So you have selected your VIO countries and your technical criteria and you may be wondering what else you can do. Vehicle Data Portal is designed in such a way that you are able to construct a report that will align with your precise wishes and needs. Suppose you wanted to visualize all vehicles in operation in any given country, but only for a specific stroke capacity interval? Or what if you wanted to focus on a specific brand or segment? In addition, how about pivoting the countries horizontally and seeing which vehicles are active in more than one country with one quick glance? Once you are satisfied with the layout and parameters, you can export your data to Microsoft Excel. Vehicle Data Portal lets you do all that and more.